Shelli Huether Honor Run, Walk, and Fundraiser

Shelli Huether Honor Run Inc, a 501(c3) non-profit organization


Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: Entry fees to our races are non-refundable, and we do not offer transfers or deferrals to future races. Only registered runners can participate, and you may not exchange your entry with another individual. However, with advanced notice, we are happy to credit part of your entry fee to a future event. A credit worth 50% of your original race fee will be issued if the cancellation is received at least 3 weeks prior to the race. There will be no credits or refunds provided if a cancellation is made within 3 weeks of the race. Credits will be available for 1 full year from its issue date. OR you can exchange your current entry with another runner, provided it’s requested more than 3 week prior to the event.

Hosting a trail running event is an expensive and risky endeavor. All race costs are paid for well in advance of race day, so there is no financial gain to be made if a person does not show up on race day. We want all of our registered runners to show up, run, and have fun. While we understand that injuries, conflicts, emergencies, deaths, and other unfortunate events happen and may impact your plans for participation, we must adhere to our cancellation policies.

We do not cancel races due to rain or heat.  If a race location is changed, but still hosted on the same day, we will automatically transfer the registration over to the new venue, or entrants may choose to run the race remotely and we will mail awards. If a race is postponed all entrants will be transferred to the new date.

If the situation does arise where Shelli Huether Honor Run Inc must outright cancel an event, for any reason, there will be no refunds. This could include earthquakes, floods, extreme weather, unsafe air quality, pandemics, or any other “Act of God”. There will be no refunds, but future race credit or deferrals will be available. We will communicate with all registered runners as soon as possible regarding the cancellation and any pertinent information.

Q: I am interested in doing a trail run but I’m mostly a hiker. Is walking allowed?
A: Absolutely! Many walkers participate in our races. Most trail runs involve several steep sections, and the majority of runners, including some elites, hike the big hills as a race strategy to preserve energy. As long as you are enjoying yourself and unfazed by the limits of time, you can hike, walk, or even crawl to the finish.
Q: How should I dress for the race? Is there anything I should consider bringing?
A: We recommend you dress in layers, so you can add or remove clothing as the temperature changes. Tech fabric is the best choice for better wicking, whereas cotton tends to soak up sweat and stay wet. When it is wet or rainy, a rain jacket is a great idea since it will preserve body heat, as well as block wind and rain. On a cold day it would be a good idea to wear a beanie (wool or tech fabric are both good choices) and gloves. Some people carry their cell (protected by a zip lock bag or a dry bag) as an extra precaution.
Q: What kind of shoes should I wear for trail runs?
A: The difference between trail running and road running shoes is that trail running shoes have deeper grooves on the sole for better traction. Some shoes are optimal for varying terrains, roots and rocks by providing more stability. Some runners prefer the minimalist option, which has a lighter weight and allows for a better feel of the ground. If you are a first-timer, we recommend you go to a store that specializes in trail running and have them help you find the shoes that fits best. We recommend breaking in any new running shoe for at least 1-2 weeks ahead of a race so that you do not suffer any subsequent injuries.
Q: Where can I expect aid stations on the course?
A: With the course being a 0.9 mile loop, there will be 1 aid station at the start of the loop. Each time you pass, water and electrolytes will be available.

If you typically use energy gels or bars during a race or other snacks, you should bring those with you.

Q: Is there anything I should bring for after the race?

 A: We recommend bringing a set of dry clothes, extra shoes and socks so you can change out of damp attire and keep warm. We provide a lunch half-way through the race, though you should take along any specific snacks or preferred foods you usually eat for the rest of the time and for after.

Q: What if I run into other users on the trail?
A: The trail will be open to other users during the event. Please be courteous. Where the trails are narrow, please let other participants pass you if they want to get by. It is a passing runner’s job to tell the person in front that they wish to pass.
Q: Can spectators watch the race?
More Info Coming Soon
Q: Will there be a photographer on the course? Where can I access the pictures after the race?
More info coming soon on this.