Shelli Huether Honor Run, Walk, and Fundraiser

November 21 - 23, 2020

Registration Fee includes t-shirt and medal for all…but, there is a special “100” medal for anyone who runs/walks 100 or more miles in the 55 hours.

LOCATION: This is a VIRTUAL race, which means that you can do this wherever you are.  You can run/walk outside in your own neighborhood or even use a treadmill!

The race will take place from Saturday, November 21st at 7am CST to Monday, November 23rd at 2pm CST. The goal is to run/walk as many miles as you can in the 55 hours. Challenge yourself. Do an amount that’s more than you’ve ever done before. That’s what Shelli would have done. If you’re new to running/walking, and doing more than a couple of miles at a time is hard, then challenge yourself to do those couple of miles a handful of different times throughout the 55 hours. If you’re an experienced runner, and you’ve run marathons and ultras, then challenge yourself to 100 or more miles in the 55 hours. Setup camp in your front yard, so you can run through the night in your neighborhood!

For signing up and completing your miles, you will receive a t-shirt and medal.  After the race, we will mail them to you. To receive the medal, you will need to submit your miles at the end of the race to show that you did take place in the race. (More info on how to submit your miles will come later.) There will be a special medal for anyone who runs/walks 100 miles or more.

Run/Walk Registration


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Here is the medal that you will recieve.  For finishing 1-99 miles, you will get the silver medal.  For anyone who finishes 100 miles or more will recieve the gold medal.  On the back, it says “100 Mile Challenge”.

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